Group Coaching for Financial Planners

As a District Manager or OSJ, you’re responsible for the success of your team, and you’re getting pressure from above to improve performance and increase revenue.

Simply Organized can help create a group training program designed to help your team hit specific goals.

Good to Great

A 12-month Webinar Series for Financial Advisors

  • 1

    Develop Values and Ideal Client Profile

  • 2

    Create a Model Week for advisor and staff member(s)

  • 3

    Develop Client Service Philosophy

  • 4

    Develop Menu of Services

  • 5

    Develop Center of Influence (COI) process

  • 6

    Develop Client Segmentation and Client Service Model

  • 7

    Develop Fee Schedule

  • 8

    Articulate your Investment Philosophy

  • 9

    Create Simple and Easy WOW Follow-up

  • 10

    Create a Client Advisory Board – Focus Group

  • 11

    Build your Business through Small Business Referrals

  • 12

    Make the most of your Business Plan

For your webinar series you may choose from any configuration of your choice.


Mission, Vision, Value Proposition

Mission and Vision

Have you developed a clear path for your future?  If your activities sometimes feel random, it could be that you haven’t taken the time to develop a clear vision for yourself.  If your actions often lack clear direction, you may need to dedicate some time to developing a plan.


Are you feeling out of sync?  You may have stepped away from what is truly important to you.  Reconnect with your core values and create a business that is in alignment with who you truly are.

Purpose Statement

Do you remember why you entered into this business?  Remember your enthusiasm?  It’s possible you got caught up in the day to day activities and have lost some of your passion.  Let’s revisit those thoughts, feelings and ideals and use them to engage existing and new clients.  You may need some renewed engagement as well!

Value Proposition

When you are asked that all too common question, “What do you do?” do you have a compelling and engaging answer?  If you are like most people, you may have an uninspiring answer.  Let’s create an interest in and desire for your services.




This is the most effective and least expensive way to build your business.  How effective are you at generating referrals?  Do you need a refresher course?


How are your networking skills?  Are you “making friends on purpose”?  If you are not getting the results you want from your networking activities, it’s time to learn some new techniques.

Centers of Influence

Developing a strong strategic alliance isn’t always easy, and definitely not a short-term proposition.  Do you have a strong network of alliances?  How well are you maintaining those relationships?

Small Business Owners

Business owners can be some of the best clients.  They understand the business of business.  What are you doing to develop small business owner clients?  Is your activity creating success?  Learn a simple way to add more business owner clients to your client base.

Charitable & Civic Organizations

Causes you are passionate about can also be business building platforms.  Learn how to appropriately connect with others who are involved in the organization.

Client Advisory Board

Your clients and strategic alliances want you to succeed.  If you are not already doing client advisory board meetings, or you want to improve the outcome of the meetings you are conducting, this course will help.

Wholesaler Relationships

Your wholesalers are on your side.  When you succeed, they succeed.  Are you taking full advantage of the services they offer?  If not, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity.  Learn how to benefit from these terrific resources.

DRIP Marketing

If you are not staying in touch with your clients, prospects and centers of influence on a regular basis, you may be forgotten.  By learning the rule of 200, you will have a steady stream of new clients.

Client Contact Model - gifts, thank yous

Consistent contact with your clients is imperative.  So is showing your appreciation for their continued faith in you.  It doesn’t have to be costly to show appreciation.  Whether you want to keep it simple or you want to go over the top, we can teach you how.


Business Plan

Practice X-ray

Walking through the above list in a thorough manner is called a practice x-ray.  It entails looking at the inner workings of the business to determine if gaps exist.  If they do, we can develop a plan to eliminate those gaps.

Business Plan

This is the numbers aspect of the business.  Do you have a complete business plan?  Do you review it with your team on a quarterly basis?  Were they involved in the development of the plan?

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan supports the business plan.  It answers the question, “How are we going to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves?”

Community Service Plan

If you are charitably inclined, consider developing a community service plan in conjunction with your business plan and marketing plan.  You can also delegate the development of a community service plan as a unique, challenging project for an interested team member.


Client Service Philosophy, Segmentation, Client Experience

Client Service Philosophy

Do some of your clients have unrealistic expectations?  Communication is a primary key to success.  If you do not articulate expectations for the relationship, misunderstandings and conflicts may arise.  By developing a client service philosophy, you will have a tool that can eliminate most, if not all, misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations.

Ideal Client Profile

Who are your ideal clients?  We all have what I call our smiley face clients.  How do you define yours, and how do you develop more of them?

Menu of Services

Are you offering the services that your top clients are looking for?  Is your service model outdated?  When is the last time you evaluated your service offering?  When was the last time you asked your clients what they want?

Fee Schedule - Pricing Model

Are you charging a fair price for your services?  Have you ever undercharged because you felt you weren’t worth the going rate?  Learn how to establish an appropriate pricing model.

Investment Philosophy

Do you have a consistent process for evaluating investments?  Can you easily and clearly articulate your process to clients in language they understand?  If you haven’t done so already, let’s eliminate the industry jargon.

Client Segmentation - Seasonal Model

Are all of your clients treated equally?  Do you allow your lower end clients to take up more of your time than your top clients?  Is that fair?  Does it make good business sense?  Do you know how to segment your client base?

Prospect to New Client On-boarding - I have a referral, now what?

Do you and your team have a consistent process for bringing new clients on board?  Do things sometimes slip through the cracks with new clients?  Together, with your team, let’s develop a process that creates a WOW experience.

Meeting Preparation & Follow up

Does business ever get left on the table due to inadequate preparation?  Are you scrambling at the last minute to get the illustrations, forms and literature you need for an important meeting?  Do your clients ever leave the meeting unsure of what the outcome of the meeting was?  What about you?  Do you or your clients ever wonder if everything you promised is taken care of? 

Unresponsive Clients

Sometimes even your best clients seem unresponsive.  How hard should you work to reengage these folks before you pass over them?  Learn the best way to reengage unresponsive clients.

Model Week

Does your day or week feel random and out of control?  Do you always feel behind?  Do you feel that you will never get through your to do list?  Are you being inefficient and ineffective with your time?  What about your team members?  How much time is being wasted?  Learn how to take back control of your time and manage your to dos.


People Focus

Practice Structure

What is the best way to grow your business, vertically or horizontally?  Learn the pros and cons of each.

Team Member Values

Do you know what is important to your team members?  Are you providing them with an environment in which they can thrive and achieve their goals?  Learn what it takes to retain happy and engaged employees.

Team Member Training, Skill Building, and Rewarding

You may be one of the best at what you do, but you may not be the best recruiter, trainer or employee development person.  Learn how to become better at these activities or learn to delegate.


Practice Focus

Technology Evaluation

If you and/or your team are working with outdated technology, you could be wasting as much as 10 hours per week.  When is the last time you did a thorough technology audit?  What is your current technology costing you in hidden expenses, such as wasted time?

Practice Protection - Financial Liability, Legal, Compliance, Employer Responsibilities

This can be a tricky business and things can get complicated at any time.  Don’t be caught off guard.  Learn how to protect yourself from unexpected situations.

Emergency Preparedness

You have worked hard to get to where you are.  Don’t let a disaster take it all away from you.  Proper preparation is imperative to survival.  Learn what it takes to survive a disaster.

Take back control of your business, your time and your life

Working on your business in a group of colleagues has powerful benefits

  • Get more done by being accountable to fellow group members

  • Exchange ideas with people who have similar goals and challenges

  • Save money and time by learning from what others have done

  • Feel less alone as a sole proprietor by working on your business goals with a team

“Just wanted to let you know that we just had our first meeting with Teresa and it was rocking! I knew it would be...I just needed to be ready. Of course, she was organized, had great observations about our practice, listened attentively and had ideas about some of the items I had questions about. I am feeling really great about it! We are ready to kill it this year!”
--Michelle R.

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