Have you ever thought to yourself, "How did my business take control of my life?"

One-On-One Coaching

A personal business coach can bring you good ideas, and help you avoid pitfalls in order to save you time, money and frustration.

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Group Coaching

District Managers/OSJs supervise teams from a few to a hundred. Group coaching allows team members to share ideas, resources, accountability and encouragement.

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High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams include facilitated meetings with focus on individual performance, combined with group education and brainstorming.

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Million Dollar Drawer

If you were able to implement the good ideas from conferences that are currently buried in a drawer, what difference could it make to your business?

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Financial advisors use specific and detailed knowledge in their work, and require intensive concentration skills to be effective.

Many financial advisors start their business by keeping their process in their head. When you’re good at your job, however, clients follow — straining your schedule and your concentration, as you struggle to stay on the hamster wheel.


Take back control of your business, your time and your life

After we develop effective business systems for your practice, you should find:

  • Time to focus on your business’s most important activities

  • A process to efficiently serve and stay in touch with current clients

  • Methods for finding and on boarding new clients

  • A new sense of peace and purpose with your business

“Thank you so much for your generosity of time and wisdom today. You made some really great suggestions and guided me to consider many different strategy components to help me to clarify and execute the next phase of my practice development and management. I look forward to our next phone appointment.”
--Jim B.

Thank you for your help. [My employee] has become much more efficient, so much so that I really don't need that paraplanner anymore. She is doing all that he was doing, with the exception of trading, of course. I believe the staff really fought it, but it has really improved the individual efficiency of the office.”
--Shana H.

“I think the biggest thing that Teresa has brought to my practice is support and encouragement. I love it, but this is a hard business. Sometimes an advisor can question if they are doing things correctly. Teresa will tell me if I’m doing well or not doing well. I think everyone needs a coach/consultant. I am very fortunate to have Teresa as my coach.”
--Ronald S.

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