High Performance Teams

I facilitate High Performance Teams, otherwise called Study Groups, for financial advisors who want to work on their businesses in a supportive, challenging environment. Our meetings are faciliated, with an agenda, and designed to help you stay accountable.

High Performance Teams Structure

Monthly facilitated meetings

Meetings are 3 hours, and follow a formal agenda.

Advisor of the day

Each month we focus on one advisor, who comes to the meeting with an issue, topic or question. Other advisors ask questions and offer advice to help find solutions.

Consistent group of advisors

Your team is there to share ideas, inspire action and talk through issues.

Additional accountability calls

The Advisor of the Day receives a prep call before their meeting, and a recap call the next month.

Benefits in joining a High Performance Team

  • Valuable discussions, with useful tools provided

  • Accountability: Committing to a group helps to spur follow-through

  • Find camaraderie and useful tips from other business owners

  • Learn from peers what they are doing and what is working for them

  • Find out that you're not alone by sharing issues with people who've been in your position

  • Take time out of the week to focus on your business

“Teresa, once again, a great summary to an excellent meeting. Thank you for the compliments and the encouragement. I really appreciate all of the help to keep me focused. I am regularly amazed by how much I can get done because of you and HPT.”
--Josh M.

“We would like to do this monthly...If we do this and spend 2 hours together, it will hold us accountable to the tasks that you are teaching/showing us how to do and we won't be able to slack anymore...Thanks very much Teresa for was one of the more fruitful meetings we've ever had.”
--Scott E.

“This is the best summary and direction I have seen from you ever! The notes and the focus is on the right areas, and you did a great job of focusing the team on strategies and actions…” 
--Carla P.

“It was nice to have Teresa there so I could step back, not focus on what my next question would be but rather focus on the answers and the body language. Teresa did a great job facilitating. It was also nice for me to get good feedback about how much they appreciated me and my services. Gave me a little charge in my step that I have been missing.”
--Andre J.

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