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Organizing Services for Businesses

Paper Organization

Increase productivity by spending less time looking for misplaced documents and files.  Give the impression of someone who has their act together.  No more missed deadlines.

Business Systems Analysis and Set Up

Learn how to make every day an effective one. Sometimes the simplest improvements can have a significant impact to the bottom line.

Goal Setting and Tracking

When was the last time you spent time reviewing your goals? What, no time? How do you expect to ever get there? Learn how to establish goals, hold yourself accountable and attain your goals.


Learn how to effectively, hire, train, develop and reward employees. If retention is a problem, you need to learn this.

Create a Referral System

Learn the easy way to success through networking and referrals. Learn how to make networking fun, build a successful business through referrals and turn all of those business cards hiding in your drawer with a rubber band around them into cash in your pocket.

Income Tax Preparation

Is your New Year’s resolution to get your taxes done by April 15th? Did you promise yourself you would not file an extension this year? Develop an easy recordkeeping system so that you will be ready for filing your taxes in January.

Organizing Services for the Home

Organize Your Kitchen and Simplify Meal Planning

Make meal planning and preparation a breeze. Re-think where things should be located and think about where it makes sense for the way you cook and clean. If you feel like you have run a marathon by the time you sit down to your meal, it’s time to call Simply Organized.

Home Office - Streamline, Organize and Be More Productive

Originally you thought it was a good idea to establish a home office. Now you feel like avoiding this room all together. How productive is that? We can bring calm to your chaos.  Just give us a call.

Clear Out and Organize Your Closets

Afraid to open closet doors for fear of being knocked unconscious by falling objects? Then maybe once too often you have used the phrase “This might come in handy some day”. Return your closets to their original order. Give us a call.

Garage Organization

Are you parking your car in the driveway so you can store your ‘junk’ in the garage? Protect your valuable asset from weather damage and vandalism. Don’t be embarrassed to have your garage door open any longer. We can help.

Organize your Bathroom

Are you being crowded out of your own bathroom? If your bathroom feels more like a war zone than a retreat, take charge and call in the experts.

Income Tax Preparation

Is your New Year’s resolution to get your taxes done by April 15th? Did you promise yourself you would not file an extension this year? Develop an easy recordkeeping system so that you will be ready for filing your taxes in January.

Personal Services

Color and Wardrobe Consultation

Learn your most flattering colors and styles, including your wardrobe personality.  Beneficial to men and women of all ages.

Wardrobe Analysis and Organization

Look better, relieve morning stress and save time by having an organized closet. If you have a hodge-podge of items in your closet and nothing really goes together, then you probably stand in front of your bulging closet and say, “I really don’t have anything to wear.” And this would be true. Develop a wardrobe that works for your lifestyle and personality. It is actually easier than you think. If you're not comfortable shopping for yourself, we can help with personal shopping services.

"Thanks so much for working with me yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling like (literally) 50 pounds had been lifted off of me. It was really powerful to know that all my "to do's" were in a single place and that my other files were where they should be. Now, I can confidently walk in and get important work done. And, what a huge pleasure it was to walk through my office and not have to navigate around objects to get to my desk. Thanks again so much."
--Anne Kenney, Bullseye Marketing

"I thought I was pretty organized, then Teresa showed up and gave me permission to cut the clutter in my office closet and create an efficient work environment. Now I AM really organized and I'm able to stay that way! Thanks Teresa!"
--Shirley Davalos, Media Consultant

"Thanks so much again for my wonderful master bedroom. Who knew getting twelve hours of hard labor (I may be exaggerating) as a birthday present could be so awesome! In this case the ends definitely justify the means."
--Dianne Clower

"Thank you again for the amazing things you did in my kitchen yesterday! I am so pleased with it!”
--Karen Habegger

"Thank you for spending the day cleaning and organizing my garage. I am amazed at the amount of work accomplished. I did not think the project could be completed in just one day. I appreciate the thought process you incorporated into the project and your thoughtfulness in maintaining a balance between allowing me to reminisce and keeping me on target for the task at hand.

It was an added bonus to be able to deliver the majority of items to charitable organziations and free up that space for more important belongings. What a pleasure to be able to park my car in the garage after four years. It was a wonderfully fruitful ending to a day of hard work.

Thank you for making the project seem almost fun. I will certainly consider you for future projects and refer you to anyone who mentions similar discord with their home or office."
--Ellen Resneck

“Thank you for helping me prepare for my upcoming office move. I appreciate you making an unpleasant task almost enjoyable. I am certainly enjoying the results! My office mates have noticed the improvement as well. Your ideas on maintenance will help to ensure that I don't get to this point of frustration ever again.

You mentioned how people feel a weight has been lifted once the project is complete—I absolutely agree. I feel that I can focus on my practice with renewed energy."
--Karissa Wong

"Thank you for coming into San Francisco to help organize my office. It was great to leave at the end of the project knowing exactly what I needed to do on Monday morning and where everything was that I was going to need.

I truly feel that the systems you put in place will help me to be more productive with my time and thus build my business and the businesses of the people I train and mentor."
--Jeremy Kossen

"Thank you for helping me organize my office. I am amazed and pleasantly surpised by the progress we were able to make in just one evening. Your system will allow me to file away information I want to refer back to instead of adding it to a never ending pile!"
--Robert Miani

"In one solid, eight-hour day Simply Organized helped us transform what was a somewhat chaotic studio/office to a pleasant, creative workspace that not only better reflects who we are but helps us run a tight business ship. We used to close the door behind us after a work day to avoid looking at he cluttered desks and out-of-place furniture. Now we like walking past the open door and peering in after work.

We've learned a lot about how one's work space affects one's creativity and productivity. And the great thing about Teresa's methods is that we can create clutter while we're working but now it's so easy to put everything back when we're done. For the first time it feels like being organized is the rule, not the exception."
--Jim & Sara

“We accomplished a lot during your visit last week. Kristen told me that she feels her work space is more organized. I feel that you helped me clarify the seasonal service model, roles and responsibilities between Joanne and Kristen. Thanks a lot for your guidance and help.”

“One of the best assets that we have is the advantage of having Teresa Riccobuono assist with organizing our office. Her tips and templates have improved the marketing aspect as well. The training has stepped up the performance in securing prospects through follow-up activities.”
--Jim C.

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