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How to Capture Media Attention for Your Business, Organization or Cause

Gaining media exposure for your event or cause may feel like a daunting task. Although not always easy, it is […]

Personal Master Calendar: A Novel Marketing Idea

If you are among my regular followers, you know the value of having a master calendar for your business. This […]

How to Start Your Own Study Group

When advisors learn that I facilitate high-performance team meetings, sometimes called study groups, they want to know how to set […]

How to Conduct Effective Staff and Team Meetings

Many of my recent conversations with advisors have been centered on how best to conduct meetings with staff members. Today, […]

A Six-Step Plan to Track Prospects

It is less expensive and time consuming to keep an existing client compared to acquiring a new one. Therefore, much […]

Are You a Queen Bee? Do You Have Queen Bee Clients?

In an effort to better serve your clients, you may have read articles or had clients take quizzes to help […]

How to Organize Your “Stuff”

When advisors ask me to help them set up systems for their business, I put on my professional organizer hat. […]

Successfully Evaluate and Reward Employees

In my previous article, I discussed the key steps for successfully bringing a new employee into your firm. Let’s now turn […]

A Plan for Developing New Team Members

Starting with a clear vision of your desired outcome and an honest evaluation of where you are will help you […]

Developing an Effective Advisor Training Program

In a previous article, I wrote about the hiring process. Now that you have found a qualified candidate, how do you […]

What to do When a Client Loses a Spouse

Unless you are brand new to the business, you have experienced the death of a client’s spouse or significant other. […]

How to Deepen Relationships with Centers of Influence

Building a reliable network of centers of influence (COIs) is one of the surest ways to engage with new prospects […]

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

For many advisors, their practice is their largest asset. As with most assets, it is essential to protect your practice. […]

Summer: The Best Time to Conduct a Technology Evaluation

The idea of evaluating and upgrading technology puts many advisors in a panic. There are so many options, and the […]

How Advisors Should Work with Wholesalers

In my recent article on investment philosophy, I mentioned using your relationship with wholesalers to benefit your clients. Developing good relationships […]

Best Practices for Client Meetings via Webinar

Conducting client meetings through a webinar is a great value-added service. It is an upgrade from telephone meetings and a […]

Reevaluating Your Investment Philosophy

Every advisor, myself included, has an investment philosophy from which all investment recommendations are developed. Advisors will regularly reevaluate their […]

A 40-Step Plan to Bring on a New Client

Yes, my new client on-boarding process includes 40 steps. And many of the steps include sub-steps. There’s no need to […]

Successful Networking for Introverts

Before we know it, the first quarter of 2016 will be behind us. If you are not on track to […]

How to Create an Effective Introductory Packet

An impactful information packet is an easy and effective way to gain an advantage over your competition. It is especially […]

Some Not-So-Obvious Items to Include in Your Year-In-Review Letter

Here’s some important information for you to consider including in your client year-end letter: First of all, it’s not too […]

A Checklist to Make Your Office Stand Out

In July 2015, Dan Richards shared information on appropriate dress for client and prospect meetings. He stated that “what you wear will […]

Year-End Bonus or Holiday Thank You: Which works best for you and your team?

This time of year I am often asked by advisors, “What should I do about holiday bonuses?” Although this seems […]

Business Planning Beyond the Numbers

It’s the time of year to develop a 2016 business plan. Many advisors believe the business plan consists solely of […]

A Disaster-Preparedness Checklist

Whether man-made or an act of nature, all businesses should be prepared for the unexpected. Here in the San Francisco […]

The Importance of Knowing Your Ideal Client

When I start working with a client, one of the first things they want me to do is help them […]

Build Your Business by Being Charitable

One of the things I appreciate about working with advisors is your inclination to help others  – not just your […]

Are You Building a Harley Davidson Practice?

Harley Davidson is the only company I know of whose customers permanently tattoo its name on their body. What is […]

Are You Considering a Client Advisory Board? Here’s What You Need To Know.

As part of your 2015 marketing calendar, consider including a client-advisory board. Before we get started, let me clarify the […]

How to Deal with Unresponsive Clients

We have all experienced the situation in which a client, for whatever reason, becomes unresponsive to our calls and emails. […]

How to Develop a Fee Schedule

Too many advisors share a reluctance to charge what they are worth. That fear is both a philosophical and a […]

How a Menu of Services Generates Revenue

Imagine this: You are meeting with clients, reviewing the action items for which they were responsible, when they say, “You […]

Creating Advisory Firm Processes and Workflows – Tips and Best Practices

I hear it all the time. “Running a practice by the seat of my pants is exciting.” “Sometimes I follow […]

Financial Advisor Checklists To Enhance The Client Meeting Prep Process

Preparing for client meetings is one of those activities that, if done well, enhances the likelihood of a successful encounter […]

How My Firm Hires Great Employees

Even if I didn’t watch the news, I could tell you the economy is improving. My clients (financial service professionals) […]

Manage Your Time More Effectively with a Model Week

Have you already given up on your New Year’s resolutions? Lacking the time to fit one more task on your […]

If Only Clients Came With Instruction Manuals

If you never have had a client relationship start off strong and then fizzle out, congratulations. For those of you […]

Your Value Proposition: A Precursor to the Elevator Pitch

Every business should stand on four legs: values, a mission statement, a vision statement and a value proposition. I discussed […]

Create Mission and Vision Statements That Drive Your Business

We often hear that advisors should create mission and vision statements for their businesses. I agree, but with one caveat. […]

Step-By-Step Guide To Hiring A Great Client Service Associate

For those of you who have made a hiring mistake, I don’t have to tell you how painful it is […]

Networking Tactics To Develop Relationships With Local Small Business Owners

Every good marketing book, article, podcast, or blog will likely mention how beneficial it is to develop a niche, and local […]
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