Want to add staff or an Associate Financial Advisor, but don't know when you'd have the time to train — let alone interview — a new employee?

I have been in the industry for over 20 years, and have been both an advisor and support staff. This unique perspective helps me understand the personnel needs for each level of employee

Free up your time to focus on your business

A recruiting engagement will include

  • Develop job posting

  • Place ad (and re-post ad if necessary)

  • Receive all resumes and store for at least one year as required by law

  • Review all resumes, identifying top candidates

  • Contact top candidates to schedule a telephone interview (typically 45 to 90 minutes)

  • Introduce top candidates to you

  • Schedule and conduct a call with you to discuss the top candidates, provide interview pointers and possible assessments

  • Discuss the candidates with you after their interviews, determine next steps

  • Contact references, if you choose

  • Discuss your final decision and next steps

  • Send decline email to candidates not selected

A recruiting engagement does not include

  • Background checks

  • Face to face interviews, unless previously agreed to

  • Although we do everything in our power to locate qualified candidates, we cannot guarantee qualified candidates will appear when we want

The results

  • Better pool of candidates from which to select

  • Less pressured decisions, leading to a better choice

  • I can be the “bad guy” if a friend, family member or client suggests the advisor hire someone they know. That candidate will be considered along with all others, and may not rise to the top.

  • Conduct better interviews by being prepared with questions and evaluation criteria

“We were challenged with locating two high quality client service associates. We tried to locate them on our own and had some struggles with very little success. We then connected with Teresa...her specific and deliberate process allowed us to have several high quality candidates to choose from and we hired two client service associates that are working out great.  We even hired another support person (from the original process) for another role.”

“We tried an agency temp-to-hire arrangement, but wanted a better result. Also, the agency takes a bounty of 30% of the salary at hire. So I estimate you cost us notably less than half what we would have paid a temp agency to recruit a candidate at the same wage, and we have a great permanent employee. Call me a happy client.”

“Carolann is fabulous!  It really seems like a good fit.  Thank you. I will definitely recommend you to others and keep your contact information for future hires.”
--Linda R.

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