About Us

“As a paraplanner and marketing coordinator, I work with Teresa focusing on mostly client acquisition and marketing. She has been a great sounding board and gold mine for ideas that build upon visions our practice has come up with. Since she has access to so many resources and other practices, she can share ideas of what has worked and what didn't work for other advisors. Our bi-weekly phone calls keep me on track and helps me focus on keeping projects moving forward. During many of our sessions, we spend time brainstorming. The wealth of information that she gives me allows me to pick and choose what I think will work best for our practice.”

--Audrey K. Seo, Paraplanner

Who We Work With

Our clients are about as varied as you will find anywhere, and seek us out for any number of reasons.

We must thank television shows like Clean Sweep, Mission Organization and Hoarders for bringing clutter and disorganization into the limelight. No longer do people feel that they are alone in their chaos.  Nowadays, it is almost chic to hire a personal professional organizer.

Since most people have learned that the way to success is by hiring professionals to do the things that they themselves are not very good at, it is only natural to hire an organizer to help with removing clutter and developing efficient systems.

The one thing that we do stress is that you must be ready for a change. Most everyone is interested in being more organized and efficient, but we will only work with people who are truly ready to make the commitment of time and energy.

What this means is we don’t offer gift certificates so that someone can give our services as a gift to someone else. The recipient may not be ready. This can only cause frustration for the giver and guilt for the recipient.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, like you may have hoarding tendencies or feel like you could just be more efficient with your time, don’t hesitate to contact us. We may be able to provide you with a few simple tips to get you on your way.