“Teresa had very specific things that we can do to improve our business right now.”

-- Cash In On Concord attendee

Training and Lecture Services

Build your business, improve your career and get more things done

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Build Your Business

  • Decision Making: How to streamline your thought process to get to the bottom line.
  • Marketing Your Business: Create name recognition for your business.
  • Networking, Referrals and Follow Up: The successful way to build your business through networking.
  • Hire, Train, Develop and Reward Your Employees: A must for those having retention or morale problems, a good idea for those who would like to avoid these issues in the first place.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Feeling blocked? Having trouble maintaining the momentum you need to reach your goals?
  • Overcoming Objections: Getting to "Yes" when selling an idea, product or service.
  • Problem Solving: Confront your business challenges using a structured, constructive approach to get the positive results you need.
  • Negotiating: Creating a win-win outcome.

In the Public Eye

  • Public Speaking: How to create and deliver your message with impact.
  • Hire Power: Keeping the job search organized.
  • Dress for Success: Wardrobe analysis and image consulting.

Maximizing Efficiency

  • Goal Setting & Tracking: How to absolutely get what you want.
  • Organizing Paperwork: What to eliminate and how to organize what stays.
  • Time Management & How to Overcome Procrastination: Get more done by effectively using the one asset you can't buy—time.
  • Eliminating Worry: Worry can be paralyzing. Learn how to overcome fear and anxiety.