"I have been working with Teresa Riccobuono since spring of 2008.  She has been a HUGE influence on my life and outlook for the business. I still have some clutter now and then but I know where things are and I also never let it get out of control anymore. Teresa has helped implement sound ideas, systems that have made me very confident in moving forward in my practice."

--Ronald Samuel CRPC Financial Advisor

Pain Points for Financial Advisors

Since 1997, I have been working with advisors to improve their practices. I typically begin with an assessment of the practice and work environment, then make several recommendations based on my findings. Below are some common issues faced by all advisors.

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Know that you can be more productive, but don’t know where to begin?

Are you spending too much time on 'stuff'?

Want to add staff or an Associate Financial Advisor, but don’t know when you would have time to train them? (let alone interview them)?

Not sure how or what to delegate to staff?

Not sure your systems are set up as efficiently as they could be?

Want to set your business up for a profitable sale?

Want to stop feeling overwhelmed?

Want to feel that you are part of a team, instead of all alone in your business?

Not sure where to focus your attention for maximum impact?

Want to learn how to market effectively?

Want to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the week?

Is the vision of your ideal practice very different than it actually is today? Want to learn how to get it to your ideal?

Are you doing things in your business that you don’t want to or are not good at?

Are you stifled by fear?

Feel like you have to jump over hurdles to be more productive?

Feel like you are always dodging bullets?

Would you like to implement all of those good ideas from trainings and seminars as soon as you get back to your office?