“Thank you so much for your generosity of time and wisdom today. You made some really great suggestions and guided me to consider many different strategy components to help me to clarify and execute the next phase of my practice development and management. I look forward to our next phone appointment.”

--Jim Brockman

Organizing Services for Businesses

Paper Organization

Increase productivity by spending less time looking for misplaced documents and files.  Give the impression of someone who has their act together.  No more missed deadlines.

Business Systems Analysis and Set Up

Learn how to make every day an effective one. Sometimes the simplest improvements can have a significant impact to the bottom line.

Goal Setting and Tracking

When was the last time you spent time reviewing your goals? What, no time? How do you expect to ever get there? Learn how to establish goals, hold yourself accountable and attain your goals.


Learn how to effectively, hire, train, develop and reward employees. If retention is a problem, you need to learn this.

Create a Referral System

Learn the easy way to success through networking and referrals. Learn how to make networking fun, build a successful business through referrals and turn all of those business cards hiding in your drawer with a rubber band around them into cash in your pocket.

Income Tax Preparation

Is your New Year’s resolution to get your taxes done by April 15th? Did you promise yourself you would not file an extension this year? Develop an easy recordkeeping system so that you will be ready for filing your taxes in January.