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“Thank you again for the amazing things you did in my kitchen yesterday! I am so pleased with it!”

--Karen Habegger

Search & Rescue: Operation Thrift Store

After many years of teaching people how to successfully shop at thrift stores, lovingly called “recycled retail”, it was time to bring the information to the masses. That's how Search & Rescue: Operation Thrift Store came about. It is my mission to teach people how to look great without spending a lot of money.

About Search & Rescue

Your Mission (Should you choose to accept it!)

Search & Rescue: Operation Thrift Store is definitely not for the Paris Hiltons of the world. This is guerilla warfare shopping, and only the strong survive. American has gone from being a country of abundance to a nation of thrift. Making do with less is our new call to action.

You’ve seen Extreme Makeover For The Home. This is Extreme Makeover For The Person, without the big budget.

Our guests are people who have proven that they have met some of life’s most difficult trials head-on and survived. Now they’re on a mission to make their lifestyles better, but they need our help.

Our thrift store boot camp challenge shows people how to reach their wardrobe or home decorating challenges by putting them “in the trenches.” By introducing our guests to alternative shopping habits, like thrift stores, garage sales and consignment shops, they learn a life-long strategy for looking great and creating a pleasing environment without breaking the bank.

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Consignment and Thrift Store Shopping Tips

What to Wear:

  • Comfortable slip-on shoes
  • Flattering undergarments
  • Easy on and off clothing: On the bottom; leggings, sweat pants or full elastic waist skirt. On the top; bra top, fitted t-shirt, loose v-neck or zip front top
  • Shoulder bag or backpack—not a hand held purse
  • Regular hair and make-up— if you don’t feel like yourself, nothing is going to look right on you

What to Bring:

  • Articles you are trying to match or swatches (clothing or home furnishings)
  • Color analysis swatches
  • List of what to buy
  • List of Do’s and Dont’s and brands that work or don’t work
  • Nylons or try on nylon peds
  • Clothing and shoe sizes if shopping for others
  • Measurements if shopping for home or office furnishings
  • Tape measure
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Water and snacks
  • An open mind
  • An empty bladder (most thrift stores don’t have public restrooms)
  • Your common sense (don’t let bargain prices hypnotize you)
  • Items from home that you are donating

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