“I am being a bit selfish about Teresa. She is doing such a great job but I do not want to say too much as then everyone will want her.”

--Alice Sanford, CFP

Organizing Tips

These tips are from the book 500 Terrific Ideas for Organizing Everything by Sheree Bykofsky. Her book is listed in the Books section.

If you can't figure out how to organize something, look for a model.  In other words, to organize your books, adopt the system used by a library or bookstore; for ideas on how to organize your compact discs, visit a major music store.  Tour an art supply store, a knitting store, and a stationery store for good ideas that can apply to other materials as well, and consider purchasing their specialized organizational equipment.

Before going out, take a moment to visualize your trip and anticipate what you'll need-whether it is your deposit slip for the bank, your check-cashing card for the supermarket, your gym card and locker key for the gym, your map for a trip, or your money, credit cards, or checkbook for shopping.

In general, things should be stored as close as possible to where you're most likely to use them.  Keep your desk well-stocked with everyday supplies such as pens, paper, and stamps; keep your bathroom cleaning products in the bathroom; keep your tablecloths in or near the kitchen or dining room; keep the television remote on or near the television.

Has it been fifteen years since you picked up your knitting needles?  Was your half-made baby bunting intended for someone who's in college now?  Is your valuable storage space filled with half-built model airplanes or unused art supplies?  Face it, you've moved on.  Find a child with an interest in your lost craft or hobby, or give your unfinished project to a charity, but don't let it clutter your home.