“Teresa came to our business planning on Saturday.  She added value on our marketing ideas, every plan we had she enhanced with some tweeks to make each interaction a bit better in our marketing efforts. It was a great business planning weekend. She is an asset to the Megabranch. Thanks for your efforts.”  

--Brett Macauley, CRPC

Article: Make it Easy for Clients to Introduce You

By Teresa Riccobuono

One of the things that I suggest to my advisors is to make sure that the advisor's office number (and cell phone, if it's okay with the advisor) is programmed into the client's cell phone. That way, when they are out together with friends or colleagues and the conversation turns in the right direction, the client can dial the office and speak to the client service person or the advisor right away. The dialog could be: "This is Mr. Smith. I am sitting here having lunch (on the golf course or wherever) with my good friend Mr. Jones. We got to talking about finances and I think it would be helpful to him if he would come in and meet with you. Here is his contact information. If you don't hear from him by the end of the week, give him a call. I give you permission to bug him (client laughingly says). If he doesn't set up a meeting soon, let me know and I will drag his butt into your office!"

Obviously, these words work if the relationship between the client and the prospect is close. The words can be adjusted to suit the situation and relationship between the two. But, I think you get the idea.

If Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones are meeting after hours, Mr. Smith can leave a similar voice mail message.

This conversation is now a part of the advisor's meeting agenda with clients - making sure clients have the office (and/or cell) phone number pre-programmed.

It is important for the advisor to explain to the client that it is okay (and preferred) to call if a situation as described above occurs. Give your clients the words to say and they can take it from there. Train your clients to do this and the referrals will start coming in at all hours of the day and evening.

If the client makes the call in front of the prospect, that prospect is expected by the client to take action. The prospect is also not surprised if the advisor or his associate follows up with him or her at the end of the week as the client suggested.

I would also have a similar conversation with your centers of influence. They should most certainly have you pre-programmed into their cell phone - and vice versa.