“Just wanted to let you know that we just had our first meeting with Teresa and it was rocking! I knew it would be...I just needed to be ready. Of course, she was organized, had great observations about our practice, listened attentively and had ideas about some of the items I had questions about. I am feeling really great about it! Gene and I are ready to kill it this year!”

--Michelle R. Alberda, CFP

Article: 36 Quick Ideas to Boost Production

By Teresa Riccobuono

Teresa Riccobuono is a Professional Organizer and Business Consultant, who works mostly with financial professionals. I met her recently at a seminar for a financial firm. She just sent me an email filled with her "one-liners" that she has gleaned from various sources over the years; even a few from me that you might recognize.

In this issue of The Referral Minute, I'll share some of these with you to stimulate your creativity. Some of these are things you can say directly to your prospects or clients and some are things that will help you formulate what you say to them. But remember, IDEAS do not make you more successful. ACTING on ideas does. See which of Teresa's "One Liners" you can translate into action. Then tell me what you do. I'd love to hear what works for you.

What I do

  • People hire me to act like a chief financial officer for their families.
  • I create an executive plan for you and your family.
  • For a select group of investors (clients), I'm a personal CFO. I help them navigate all critical financial events and help them plan for things that we hope never happen.
  • I help my clients prepare for life's financial uncertainties.
  • I help people retire with confidence.
  • I'm a teacher of sorts. I help my clients understand the gap between their current financial situation and their financial goals.

How I Help People

  • As a financial advisor, I'm going to tell you what I think you need.
  • If it has a dollar sign next to it, I can be a resource for you.
  • You can only control your own economy and how you react to the country's economy. So, let's focus on your personal economy.
  • We don't make you rich. We don't make you poor. But we do help you sleep at night.

Service Check-In

  • What is the most valuable thing we have done so far?
  • While we are both unhappy with the market's performance over the last several months, I want to focus on our relationship and our communication. Is there any place you feel I or my staff have let you down?
  • In what ways has our relationship and the work that we've done been of value to you?
  • I am judged mostly by how well I deal with difficult situations. How am I doing for you right now?
  • How have we earned your loyalty during these troubling times?
  • Including myself, how many other financial professionals are you currently working with? (High Value Clients work with an average of three advisors.)


  • You know as well as I do that if you practice diversification and asset allocation, you are never going to do as well as one spectacular asset class will. But nobody knows what that asset class will be.
  • Good advice outperforms great investments.
  • Clutter is not diversification.
  • No load is a lie. It should be help vs. no help. Fund companies have to sell these funds to make a profit. Huge dollars go into marketing and advertising.
  • Volatility is not's volatility. You don't lose until you sell.
  • Financial journalism is the force of darkness. Journalists sell copy, not advice. News is often irrelevant to long-term performance. Tune out when it comes to investment news. Don't feel that you need to react to every bit of information you hear.
  • You can't make a good investor out of a pessimist.