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“Thank you again for the amazing things you did in my kitchen yesterday! I am so pleased with it!”

--Karen Habegger

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October 3, 2011

For Immediate Release

One woman’s quest to improve the world!

Organize! Room by Room, Closet by Closet and Drawer by Drawer!

For 25 years Teresa Riccobuono has been teaching people how to  improve their lives from hectic, impersonal, possession oriented lifestyles to an uncluttered, organized….find it when you want it way of life  In fact, her life mission reads, Take Action to Improve at Least One Person’s Life Every Day. How’s that for a job description?

She can help people lose 40 lbs in one day!

As a professional organizer, Teresa brings her stress relieving skills to individuals who are drowning in clutter and disorganization.  “I hear again and again from clients that they feel a weight lifted off of their shoulders once we have worked together. I was working with a client recently who said at the end of the day, ‘Teresa, I think I lost more than 40 pounds today’.”

Teresa is available to help your viewers show their clutter who’s the boss.
So, how does she propose to do this?  Here are a few ideas Teresa can share with your audience.

  • Creating a New Life for your Closet!
    Teresa will show you how to get the most out of what you have and put the others in their place. Also, she will teach you 5 steps to a better wardrobe without the high price tag.
  • Finding the Diamond in the Rough!
    Teresa’s Secret Strategies and Rules will help you find quality items and brand name clothing and how to recognize a gem of a thrift store.
  • Desk Diving!
    Could your desk be mistaken for a dumpster?  Teresa can take any dysfunctional workspace and create a productivity center you can be proud of.  Teresa can give you ideas on how to stay current with your to-do lists and calendar dates, as well as how to stay in touch with your clients.
  • Garage vs Storage Unit
    Ever notice how the things you may use one day wind up in your garage, while your car depreciates in the driveway? Teresa brings her tools of the trade: gloves, disinfectant, dust mask and more importantly the permission to throw it out!
  • The Trouble with coupons, rebates, gift certificates, and that cute girl’s telephone number. Teresa can show you how to keep things in order, follow-up on clients, potential dates, and the money coming to you!

And if that is not enough, Teresa manages her own consulting business, helping business owners improve efficiencies in their own business in order to increase revenue and peace of mind.

The old adage, if you want to get something done, ask a busy person applies here.  As mentioned above, Teresa has the energy to accomplish her goal of turning chaos into calm, turmoil to terrific, to help you become “Simply Organized”

What Others Have Said

“Thanks.  I can’t believe some of the things I found in my drawer!!!!  It was a nice surprise!”

“I was able to take the new skills I learned and completely reorganized my kitchen”.

“What a pleasure to park my car in the garage after four years.”

“The systems you put in place will help me be more efficient with my time which will allow me to focus on marketing and growing my business.  I wouldn’t have known where to begin without your help.”

“It was great to leave at the end of the project knowing exactly what I needed to do on Monday morning and where everything was that I was going to need.  I will probably save 4-5 hours per week”.

“Thank you for your great help.  You don’t even know how much stress is lifted just by me knowing where to put everything”.

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