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“You did a great job arranging the event, getting people to attend, and making your fascinating presentations. Thanks!”

--John V. Keller, CFP

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Simply Organized - September 20, 2011

For 20 years Bay Area Professional Organizer Teresa Riccobuono has been teaching people how to make their lives less hectic, impersonal, and possession oriented. In fact for anyone who is ready, Riccobuono insists that living an organized, uncluttered life is within anyone’s grasp with a few simple skills and the willingness to change. >>more

Helping People to Lose 40 lbs. in One Day - October 3, 2011

Bay Area Professional Organizer Teresa Riccobuono’s goal is to work her magic on a person’s physical appearance so they present their best to the world. “When people feel that they look great, they exude a confidence that is working on the inside as well as the outside. This passion speaks so strongly to her that she has written a television show on just this subject. >>more

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Please contact Teresa at 925.680.7549.

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