“I thought I was pretty organized, then Teresa showed up and gave me permission to cut the clutter in my office closet and create an efficient work environment. Now I AM really organized and I'm able to stay that way! Thanks Teresa!”

--Shirley Davalos, Media Consultant

Case Study 1: Organizing a Home Office

Clients: Jim Ketsdever and Sara Waters, Sara Waters Design Group

The Challenge: Create a more efficient, pleasant home-office workspace for two creative, but not naturally-organized, graphic designers.

The Solution:

  • Remove unnecessary office furniture to open up space
  • Improve office supply storage
  • Use spare room closet for long-term and archive storage
  • Re-organize business filing system
  • Re-organize business resource library
  • Consolidate office equipment (fax, printer) into one space
  • Clear desk clutter

Time to complete: One day

Results: "In one solid, eight-hour day Simply Organized helped us transform what was a somewhat chaotic studio/office to a pleasant, creative workspace that not only better reflects who we are but helps us run a tight business ship. We used to close the door behind us after a work day to avoid looking at he cluttered desks and out-of-place furniture. Now we like walking past the open door and peering in after work.

We've learned a lot about how one's work space affects one's creativity and productivity. And the great thing about Teresa's methods is that we can create clutter while we're working but now it's so easy to put everything back when we're done. For the first time it feels like being organized is the rule, not the exception."
--Jim and Sara

At left is a book shelf that is part of our resource library. Simple changes in the way books are arranged, plus a few decorative touches can turn an eyesore into an asset.

Case Study 2: Busting the Home Office Clutter

Clients: My dear friend Dianne and her husband

The Challenge: Create a more efficient and pleasant home-office workspace for two business owners

The Solution:

  • Remove unnecessary paperwork
  • Re-organize business and personal filing systems
  • Improve office supply storage
  • Sort and organize library
  • Place office equipment appropriately
  • Clear desk and office clutter

Time to complete: It’s hard to believe, but it took only one day

Results: "Simply Organized helped us turn a cluttered, disorganized home-office into a well functioning work space.  We now thoroughly enjoy working from home.”


Before: You can tell that paperwork was the biggest problem. A good filing system, along with purging what didn’t need to be saved, helped solve the problem.

After: Everything now has its place. What a relief!