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“Just wanted to let you know that we just had our first meeting with Teresa and it was rocking! I knew it would be...I just needed to be ready. Of course, she was organized, had great observations about our practice, listened attentively and had ideas about some of the items I had questions about. I am feeling really great about it! Gene and I are ready to kill it this year!”

--Michelle R. Alberda, CFP

After Care

Now that things are organized and everything has its own place, how do you keep things that way?

First of all, anything new should have its own place. Whether it is added to a drawer, cupboard, closet, garage, tool shed, desk top or work space.

If this new something or other does not easily fit in to your existing stuff, you may need to re-think this addition. Is it something you really need to have, or can something be eliminated to make room for this new something?

Our tendency to over-purchase, ie. Costco super size doesn’t help our cause.

Clutter occurs when stuff outnumbers space.

Clutter doesn’t mean your space is too small. It more than likely means you have too much stuff. A regular clearing out will help.

The hard work is over. You may have just spent several hours or several days clearing out and getting organized.

Maintenance is easy compared to that.

You may need to assign just five to 15 minutes per day for maintenance, putting things back where they belong, making room for something new and/or removing unnecessary items.

The process is continuous.

How can you tell if you are crossing back over into the dark side?

  • Are you complaining that you do not have enough time
  • Are you complaining that you do not have enough space
  • Are you spending more time than you would like looking for lost or misplaced items

If you can answer yes to any or all of the above questions it's time to re-prioritize, re-structure and re-organize.

The good news is you are catching yourself early on. The work that we did together is not lost, just misplaced.

Take a minute to remember the strategies and systems we worked on.

If it was paperwork, are you now consistently taking the time to determine the next step?

In general, are you keeping like items together?

Are you super-sizing too much, ie. Costco paper towels or cleaning supplies?

Are you hanging on to items because they may come in handy some day?

Are you hanging on to recreation or hobby items, but haven’t used them in years (but you might some day)? New technology usually makes sports equipment and technology obsolete after just a few years.

Do you have all the supplies and gadgets for cleaning your car, but haven’t washed it yourself in years, nor do you intend to?

These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself and then answer honestly.

Old habits are hard to break, and new habits can be difficult to incorporate, but your stress level will be reduced and your peace of mind will thank you.

And remember, you can always contact me if you have questions. My goal is to help you make your life run smoother.

Some people bring me back in for a refresher course or maintenance check-up. This maybe the best option for you as well.

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